Smoke & Chop House
**What Makes Our Pork So Good? It's Fresh... and Fresher is Better.
Since pork and fruits are naturally compatible and have been served together for centuries, it makes sense that our farm has been providing premium pork products from extra lean, all natural hogs since 1962.
Consumers are paying more attention to what they eat and where it comes from and that's fine with us! This trend has led people to our farm in search of hormone and additive free pork. What we offer is a one hundred percent grain fed, quality hog. Our hogs are shipped up from Lancaster Pennslyvania and we provide lean cuts of fresh pork for your family's table.

We retail our pork at the top of the hill, overlooking the Pioneer Valley in our Farm Market. We pride ouselves on our devotion to strict sanitation practices in our meat processing plant. You are assured of a clean and healthy product.

It's all good.
Roasters, loins, chops, ribs, shoulders (for pulled pork!), hickory smoked bacon that sizzles with flavor, old world style kielbasa, hams with no salty flavor and no water added, and a line of the best sausage that makes any good recipe great!
What is Pulled Pork?
Fresh pork shoulders rubbed with a unique blend of our spices, slow roasted, and then smothered in our BBQ sauce. It just doesn't get any better!
Make Your Own Pulled Pork!

Pulled Pork Packs come with a pork shoulder, Outlook spice rub and BBQ sauce, a cooking tin, gloves, storage containers and a recipe for really good pulled pork.
Take home a whole or half hog, cut and wrapped for your freezer. Freezer pigs are available year round. We package and label everything for you and then freeze it for you to pick up for yourself, family and friends.  Please call to order (413) 529-9388

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